FinTomo Workshop and Meeting

23.-24. May, 2019

Location: Kumpula Campus, University of Helsinki, Finland

X-ray tomography is a versatile imaging method to analyze samples ranging from very large (like humans) to extremely small (microstructures), serving many scientific fields including medical science, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, geology, physics, material sciences etc. Development of X-ray tomographic imaging devices and reconstruction algorithms relies on both engineering and mathematics, thus with end users bringing together a wide range of scientific disciplines.

The FinTomo-network was founded in the fall of 2017 to improve communication and collaboration between Finnish tomography users and laboratories. The website to FinTomo network can be found at: The agenda of our workhop is to bring together X-ray tomographists all over Finland to present their research, equipment and the possibilities X-ray (micro)tomography has to offer to research and to discuss how such imaging tools can benefit the Finnish scientific community.


Who should be interested?

Everyone who uses x-ray computed tomography (CT) and micro-CT in their research, industry and education.



Free of charge, coffee breaks included.

Registration closed! The deadline for registration was on 10.5.2019.



Students have a possibility to obtain 1 ECTS credit by either giving a presentation (poster/speech) or writing a report/learning diary.



All speeches will be in Exactum CK112.

23.5. Thursday
Exactum, CK112
11:00 Registration and coffee: Exactum, first floor

Prof. Simo Huotari; X-ray lab, University of Helsinki

Opening words


Jukka Kuva; GTK

Adding a dimension (or two) to geological analysis through X-ray tomography


Tomas Kohout; Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki

X-ray microtomography in meteorite research


Mikael Juntunen; Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology University of Oulu

Quantitative Spectral CT with Photon Counting Detectors

13:45 Coffee Break

Jussi-Petteri Suuronen; ESRF

Analysing mineral textures in 3D by multimodal synchrotron radiation nanotomography


Tero Mäkinen; Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University

Wood avalanches in fast tomography


Jussi Virkajärvi; University of Jyväskylä

Quantitative image analysis and FinTomo network


Poster session & networking; Exactum


Movie: "Yöperhosten salattu maailma" / “The Secret World of Moths”; Pekka Veikkolainen (Pohjankonna)


Day ends


24.5. Friday
Exactum, CK112
Morning coffee

Anu Airaksinen; HiLife, University of Helsinki

Helsinki in Vivo Animal Imaging Platform (HAIP)


Vilma Väänänen; HiLife, University of Helsinki

X- ray microtomography in 3D gene expression imaging of developing tooth


Iida Kestilä; Research Unit of Medical Imaging, University of Oulu

Intact and Osteoarthritic Human Meniscus Posterior Horn Microstructure from Micro-Computed Tomography

10:45 Coffee break

Axel Ekman; National Center for X-ray Tomography, Department of Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco

PSF correction in soft x-ray tomography


Alexander Meaney; University of Helsinki

Structural Priors in Multi-Energy CT Reconstruction


Pia Laine; Disior

Automated medical image analysis for clinical applications



12:45 Lunch break

Fintomo Meeting; Exactum C123



Instructions for the arrival to the Kumpula Campus can be found here. The lectures will be given in the Exactum building (Pietari Kalmin katu 5). It can also be reached from the Physicum building (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2).

Helsinki City Journey Planner: HSL

The way to the registration desk and Exactum CK112 will be guided.


Organization committee:

From the University of Helsinki, Department of Physics, X-ray lab:

  • Simo Huotari
  • Heikki Suhonen
  • Hanna Help-Rinta-Rahko
  • Mira Viljanen
  • Julia Viljanmaa
  • Henrik Mäkinen


Financial support:

  • Doctoral Programme in Materials Research and Nanosciences (MATRENA, University of Helsinki)
  • Helsinki Animal Imaging Platform (HAIP)/HiLife (University of Helsinki)