Finnish National Committee for Crystallography


Role and duties

The National Committee for Crystallography works according to the rules of the International Union for Crystallography (IUCr) for advancing research and development in scientific fields that relate to crystallography.

The Committee represents the Council of Finnish Academies in the IuCR. The Council is the Finnish member of the IUCr. The Committee elects the Finnish national representative to the IUCr General Assembly, prepares the Finnish statements to the topics discussed in the General Assembly, and prepares discussion topics and proposals to the IUCr General Assembly from Finland.

The Committee takes care also of the dissemination of information within Finland concerning the national and international activities related to crystallography.



Kari Rissanen, professor, chair, University of Jyväskylä
e-mail: kari.t.rissanen(at)

Simo Huotari, professor, vice chair, University of Helsinki
e-mail: simo.huotari(at)

Tuomo Glumoff, docent, University of Oulu
e-mail: tuomo.glumoff(at)

Maarit Karppinen, professor, Aalto University
e-mail: maarit.karppinen(at)

Juha Rouvinen, professor, University of Eastern Finland
e-mail: juha.rouvinen(at)


Contact information:

Secretary of the FiNCC:

Dr. Merja Blomberg

Department of Physics
PL 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2)
00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: merja.blomberg(at)