Using synchrotron radiation: Information and networking event on synchrotron radiation at the Aalto University


What is synchrotron radiation? How can I use it in my research to study materials? Come and find out at this special event! Meet the experts in synchrotron radiation techniques from leading European synchrotron facilities and connect with your colleagues.

This event is meant to inform Aalto researchers and students about modern synchrotron radiation techniques for studying materials. The big synchrotron radiation facilities push forward the cutting edge technologies on many fields, revealing the secrets of matter from metals to proteins. The speakers in the event will include beamline scientists from the new Finnish-Estonian soft x-ray spectroscopy beamline FinEstBeaMS at MAX IV synchrotron and hard x-ray diffraction beamline P07 at PETRA III synchrotron. Also the basics of synchrotron radiation are covered.

The target group of the event are beginners and advanced users, allowing researchers to connect and exchange experiences and perhaps form collaborations.

Date 3.5.2017 12:30 – 15:40

Location Micronova, Tietotie 3, Iso-Sali 2190

Check the the detailed program and register by April 3rd 2017!